Mr. Calvin Lipston (1925-2012)
Posted Thursday, March 22, 2012 11:43 PM

This would be a good place to post your memories of Mr. Lipston.

I remember the time Clay Watkins (IIRC) gathered donations and organized delivery of two pizzas for our class, which arrived between 7th and 8th periods.  Uncle Cal let us eat our pizza during the lecture as long as he got a piece.

I remember the trash can in his classroom being labeled "Bat Guano" and a fig branch hanging on the wall (?) being labeled "Science Club."

I remember the 6-foot-long slide rule at the top of the chalkboard, which he didn't use anymore because by 1975-76, most students had scientific calculators.

I remember his ocassional frustration when all of us "smart kids" couldn't understand was we all know now are simple concepts.  Even so, he was one of the best at explaining difficult concepts.  I also remember his quirky humor.

That's enough for now.

Fred Lusk
Class of 1976 Reunion Committee Chair
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