Reunion Committee

This is the group of hard-working and fun-loving Bullard '76 alums who are
organizing the Class of 1976's 45th+2 Reunion for 2023.

The Veterans

Kim Sherman Bianco   (secretary and chief organizer)
Keith Cowan   (classmate sleuth)
Kevin Delaney   (resident humorist)
Treva Lee   (the voice of sanity)
Fred Lusk   (website admin and token nerd)
LaDonna Roy   (chair)
Lisa Seibert Walker   (treasurer)

The Rookies

Larry Bonham   (manager of the Oakhurst field office)
Steve Nance   (provides more cowbell…when needed)

Coming out of Retirement

Janet Pavlovich Ferguson   (two-time reunion all-star)

Diana Novak Cox (internet sleuth to track down classmates)

Traded to the Hoover Patriots for a First Round Draft Pick

Brian Arax   (thanks for your help with the 40th)


[updated 2022-07-30]