About This Website

In 2011, the Class of 1976 purchased a 10-year (!) subscription to ClassCreator.com, which is the magic behind the website.  This means that this website will be active long after our now scaled back 35th reunion is over. This website will carry us through our 40th reunion and up to the eve of our 45th reunion, when we plan to extend the subscription again. So, after the reunion, please continue to use this site to update your profile, maintain contacts, get class news, participate in the user forums, etc.

We also encourage each of you to join the hundreds of your classmates on Facebook.com, which is a better venue for day-to-day communication and maintaining friendships. We also created a Facebook group devoted to the reunion. Other alums have created a Facebook group for our class and several other Facebook groups for Bullard in general.

We also have more than 300 classmates signed up on Classmates.com (now part of MemoryLane.com) and smaller numbers on several other similar sites. The Classes of 1975 and 1977 have similar numbers on Classmates.com. Classmates.com was especially helpful for cross-checking names when we prepared our comprehensive and definitive Class of 1976 classmates list earlier this year. I suggest y'all also create a profile there (I think it's still free), mainly to have a second source of information in case we "lose" somebody. However, Classmates.com gets very little traffic from our class and it doesn't work well for day-to-day communications.

We are focusing our online activities for the Class of 1976 on this website and Facebook.com. Classmates.com will get some attention, but not nearly as much.

Finally, if you want to read long and boring essays about this website, planning for reunions, etc, please check out the Administrator's Blog.

[updated 10/07/11]