Class List
Posted Monday, September 12, 2011 11:47 AM

The class list I uploaded today (September 12, 2011) is based solely on your senior yearbook and your 30th reunion directory and thus is not complete. The list almost certainly does not include people who attended Bullard for 10th and/or 11th grades but not 12th, or who found a way to avoid getting into their senior yearbook. The Class of 1976 has many cases of the former and several cases of the latter.

If your class desires to compile a more complete list, I will provide what guidance and assistance as I can. It will take no small effort on your class's part to do the research necessary to accomplish this. See my Administrator's Blog entry for today for more details. However, I think you will find it to be very worthwhile to have a complete list for future years.

Fred Lusk
Class of 1976 Reunion Committee Chair
"Is it the only lesson of history that mankind is unteachable?" Winston S. Churchill